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I didn’t realize it had been almost two weeks! I spent a week in [city] with Sarah and then came back to a crazy work schedule, so that must have done it. I have been doing pretty well. Well, no, I guess not well because in [city] I went a little nutty over having Chick-fil-a so readily available (my city is anti-Chick), and having good Mexican food around! I did go to a WW meeting the week before, and, after a great week of eating and exercise, I didn’t lose anything.

Then, when I counted points one day and was at -31, I just said “screw it!” So when I got back and went to my meeting, I was expecting the worst, only to find that I had only gained one pound. Whew! Back to the grind. I did well this week, though I didn’t work out as much as I’d have liked. I feel good, and that is good. Maybe it has a little somthing to do with that fact that it is now freezing here and I can hide in layers of clothes. But whatever!

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  1. Andy

    Go you!

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