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Yesterday was a hectic day. I’ve started back to work after maternity leave and we also had some friends over for a cook-out so I was working non-stop all day. Then, about 7:30 pm we got the word that they would be showing our house between 9 and 10 this morning! I looked around at all the kids running around, cheesy hand-prints on the walls and chairs, food and toys and beer bottles everywhere…I had to laugh at the timing. Needless to say we were up most of the night getting the house ready for that. Prayers and crossed fingers everyone for an offer on our house!

Food-wise I did okay. There was a lot of temptation, but I was mostly too busy to eat much. Today was okay too. I realize that I really need to put a tracking plan back in place to give me some boundaries. It is easy right now to just eat whatever, but I’ve got to get on track which can only be done by tracking what you consume. I don’t care what anyone else says – it is the only way to KNOW what you are eating. I don’t know how many times I’ve thought to myself, “I didn’t eat that much today.” But when I tallied it up I was shocked at the excess. Any suggestions on tracking software for a Blackberry?

So little steps and big steps (too much Yo Gabba Gabba – yikes). The big step is this: I asked my husband to be my personal trainer. This is a big step for me because I am super…Competitive? Bossy? Neurotic? I’m not sure what it is but I hate to put myself at a level I perceive as “beneath” him or something. Especially with working out becuase although I am out of shape I know a lot about it and used to be an athlete. That sounds insane, I know. Especially when I’ve got a great fitness resource in my husband. But what can I say, I’ve got issues! I’m trying to work some of those out along this journey as well.

The first session went really well. We did a lot of cross training and he started me slow, which I need coming off a C-section and being very out of shape in general. We are going to try to do that 3-4 times per week in addition to our walks with the kids which we do pretty regularly. I am hoping to see some great strides in the next few weeks – I can do this!!

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