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As usual in my weight-loss endeavors, I am doing great with the exercise and not so great with the eating. Today my students threw me a going away party at the park and there was all kinds of yummy food there. I didn’t do too bad because I was trying to circulate and talk to everyone. But I certainly didn’t make any effort to eat well. That has always been a problem for me. I’m not a fan of healthy foods in general. Actually, when I eat them I like them but for whatever reason I have an aversion to eating healthy stuff. I have no idea why I’m that way. I mean, oranges, apples, strawberries, salad…all yummy things. But I’ll eat cheese and bread over those things any day of the week. I’ve tried to commit myself to eating one piece of fruit every day for a month. Sort of a mini Lent or short-term New Year’s resolution, which to me makes more sense then trying to do anything for an entire year. But I’ve been so busy the past few days I’ve forgotten about it. Unless eating bananas in banana pudding counts. Does that count?

Workout-wise I did awesome. We took the boys on a long hilly walk and then I came home and did cross training with my husband. I’m sore but it feels good. Can’t wait to see some results and feel stronger again!

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