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I am excited to be back working with ciaobabyk.  I promised I would blog today and am forcing my way through this entry.

Let’s just put this out there.  My biggest roadblock to weight loss is getting in the gym.  And it’s not because I hate working out.  My biggest problem is actually getting out of the car when I get there.  I see all the beautiful ladies in their beautiful workout clothes heading in, and I want to hide.  I feel like I don’t belong.  I feel like they will judge me.  That I somehow have to be skinny and perfect in order to be “allowed” to work out.  It’s a ridiculous feeling.  I know that with my head.  And I psyche myself up before going, telling myself I am just as good as them.  That this is a gym, if anyone should be there, it’s me.  That I don’t have to be perfect.  That I am at least getting in there.  …

Even though my head knows all of that, my heart and emotions strive to control me in that moment when I sit in my car and watch the pretty people parade.  Once I get out and get moving toward the gym, all is good.  Once I am in the gym I am, for the most part, able to feel like I belong; and I somehow manage to ignore the fabulous fit people flitting around me.

The problem is getting in.

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  1. ciaobabyk

    You need a theme song. A song that makes you feel good – that makes you feel empowered! Then, you need to play that song as you get to the gym/right before you go in. Then you’ll be all, “I ROCK! I CAN DO THIS!!”
    If you don’t have a song you can think of, here are some suggestions:
    1) “Gonna Fly Now” (Theme song from “Rocky”) by Bill Conti
    2) “All Star” by BNL
    3) “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks
    4) “Cheers” by Rihanna

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