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Okay, so today was not the best day. I am struggling with going back to work to a job that I will be at for only a few more months where I have basically already been forgotten. So I have to leave my babies every day, which I HATE, to go to a job where I am no longer wanted or needed. It doesn’t make for the best days of my life.

That is no excuse though. Actually, although it is only the first week back to this I am already sick of the excuses. We can always find SOME reason to justify our actions. Why not just be up front and truthful? I could have made a better choice today but my flesh (if you will) wanted something else. Okay it wasn’t ALL bad. At Panera instead of ordering a full Frontega Chicken sandwich (yum!) I ordered half of it and paired it with the low-fat Chicken Tortilla soup. But I should have gotten a salad instead and chose an apple over bread as a side. I paused when he asked be and almost did, but in the end I chose…poorly (movie line anyone???).

I did force myself to take the stairs again today, which was good. And I did a good deal of walking today instead of taking the bus as I normally would have done. So I guess there was some good and some bad. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll do a better job of choosing…wisely.

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