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While I’ve been holding steady at the same weight, CiaobabyG has been kicking butt…literally! I am so proud of you sis!!!

I’ve got to get on the ball and catch up!!

Today was Mother’s Day but I spent the first half of it at graduation. My students graduated today and so I went to celebrate the event with them. It was pretty amazing! The commencement speaker was incredible and the ceremony was really awesome. Since I’m leaving the university this year it felt a little like graduation for me as well. Very bittersweet and nostalgic. I’ll miss it here!

I ate pretty well today but didn’t have a chance to work out. About 5:00 this evening we got the call that we’ll have another showing on the house tomorrow (yay!) so we spent the evening after the kids went to bed cleaning house again (boo!). I guess you probably burn some calories doing that though, so not all bad!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of those beautiful, wonderful mothers out there – especially my own!! :)

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