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By Elizabeth P. Tierney

A part of a chain of pocket courses aimed toward permitting the reader to profit a brand new ability in precisely half-hour, this article is filled with principles and suggestion on how you can advance your oral and written conversation talents.

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Be sure that you haven't spent ten minutes talking about point one and a total of five minutes on points two and three. Have you spent 20 pages preparing for argument number one, but only one page on number two? Is the entire document 60 pages in length, but your closing comments only two sentences? Ask yourself if your communication is balanced. Assuming that you have more than one point to make, look at the relative weight you give to each item in your communication. Format and layout What does the image look like?

Even when you think you have taken care of everything, you should check again to be sure that everything is in is in order. Be sure to check: Grammar and typography Protocol and courtesy Accuracy and promises Balance Format and layout Equipment You should check not only the details in the message itself, but also the details about the sender — yourself. 55 13 LOOK AT YOURSELF We have spent a good deal of time looking at words, visuals and graphics, but communication is also about images. One of the most important images that you communicate is your own.

You can spend 15 pages waxing philosophical about a non-essential issue. In a talk, you can waste precious minutes telling interesting stories instead of clarifying your points. The same is true of a conversation, a counselling session, a memo or a report. It is important to stay focused on the message and eliminate the extraneous. Sometimes the part that people remember is the story, joke or anecdote, not your key points. Create a basic structure structure Most of us remember information more easily when it has some kind of structure.

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