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68000, 68010, 68020 Primer

E-book via Kelly-Bootle, Stan, Fowler, Bob

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Fig. 2·2 The MC68000 Microprocessing Unit The M68000 Family 43 Courtesy of MorotoIo. Inc. Fig. 2-3 MC68020 such a comprehensive all-Motorola configuration. In fact, mainly through Motorola's oVJn efforts , a standard bus knOVJTl as the VME bus has received ISO and IEEE approval; its growing acceptance means that devices from many manufacturers can interface with the M68()()() - and conversely Motorola's VME-based support chips can be found on many non-Motorola systems. Figure 2 -5 shOOJS a typical MC68000 single board computer (from Educational Microcomputer Systems, Irvine, California) complete with 20 K-bytes RAM, 16 K- bytes EPROM and various va support chips).

68010. c (DMA) which allows direct data transfer betvJeen RAM and disk with little or 0 involvement by the MPU. If you look back to Figure 1-8, you can see tha since VO and memory are both tied to the system bus, there is already apical pathway available for DMA. The actual mechanics are beyond our immed te scope here, but DMA is achieved by having spedal hardware (intelligent chip called DMACs - DMA controU",,) that grab addresses from the MPU and th n set up read! write cydes with no further reference to the MPU (thus freein the MPU for more useful tasks).

So far, the MACSS team has been proved correct WHY /6 -BIT? As we saw in Chapter 1, the numbers used in describing a micro can be misleading. As shown in Table 2-1, even within a closely knit family the vital statistics vary widely. All the parameters listed are cunningly interrelated, and they have their particular significance for the overall price/performance of the chip. ould probably opt for the length of the instruction mrd. ver of the instruction set - 50 68000, 68010, and 68020 Primer 7 0 /11 2 Registers 0= Register A 1 = Register B I I 2' = 32 op-codes 4 Addressing Modes 00 = Immediate 01 = Direct 10 = Indexed 11 = Extended Fig.

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