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By Shi Xu

Shi-xu opinions universalism in discourse stories when it comes to the cultural effects of its present white, western viewpoint and advocates a culturally pluralist strategy, a thought and examine method from an leading edge place among japanese and Western cultures. useful learn options are illustrated by way of examples drawn from culturally broad ranging discourses.

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Now readers must be wondering what status my perspective has. Having deconstructed the representationalist view of language and reality, do I then supply another realist account of my own? Does the kind of discourse I have sketched out here have a universal form? Does it function universally? Can there be a universal theory of discourse? What is the relation between my account here and those of others, real or potential? To answer questions like these, we must now consider the more fundamental issue of culture and its consequences.

Here structuralist forms of analysis, such as functional approaches or content analysis, come to mind. In such cases, the role of the speaker and researcher in creating meaning and the shifting of meaning through context are smoothed over. 34 Theory and Methodology In the reality-constitutive view, in contrast, meaning is defined as a property of discourse (that is, text and context) as a whole, so more holistically. This means, to begin with, that the discourse researcher is not interested in, say, the meaning of clouds in the sky as such, or the meaning of the economic reform in China, or the meaning of life, unless such meanings are rendered present and relevant to some specific situations through textual practice.

This is thus an optimistic vision. Meaning and context Discourse, as an object of enquiry, poses a central problem of meaning, and hence of interpretation, for the researcher. Discourse is essentially a meaning-making activity (recall the definition of discourse above). There is a sense, consequently, in which to study discourse is to study its meanings. So, in this section, I shall discuss some of the characteristics of meaning. And yet, the meaning of discourse cannot be understood without investigation into the context in which a text in question is embedded.

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