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At 10 GbJin 2 . 1 Magnetisation Profiles of Recorded Transitions The characteristics of recorded transitions were inve8tigated a8 a function of write current or, equivalently, as a function of both write field magnitude and field gradient in the medium. 8 T). 3 ]lm2 generic spin 24 J. van Ek and M. Plumer valve sensor with abutted junction edge stabilisation was used for playback. The medium consists of a regular array of 13 x 13 x 20 nm 3 grains with in-plane random uniaxial anisotropy of Hk = 6700 and Ms = 350 emu/cc.

Lu and D. E. 3. Thornton's Zone model for sputter deposited metal films [23] (with permission, from the Annual Review of Materials Science, Vol. 7, © 1997 by Annual Reviews, WWW. AnnualReviews. org) morphology of the sputter deposited metal films. 3 shows the morphology of the film varying with the Ar pressure and substrate temperature. 3, where Tsub is the substrate temperature and T m is melting point of the material) and high Ar pressure, the film consists of tapered crystals with domed tops which are separated by voided boundaries.

It was found [95] that the Cr (200) texture can be initiated directly on the substrate surface while the Cr (110) texture appears not to nucleate on the substrate surface, but rather to form as a result of growth. 6 shows that the PO of Cr films changes from (110) to (200) as the substrate temperature increases. This is because the development of texture changes from being dominated by growth to being dominated by nucleation. At elevated substrate temperatures, the mobility of atoms is high, the nucleation rate is low, and the nuclei can reach the equilibrium shape before impingement.

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