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By William M. Schniedewind

A Primer on Ugaritic is an creation to the language of the traditional urban of Ugarit, a urban that flourished within the moment millennium BCE at the Lebanese coast, positioned within the context of the tradition, literature, and faith of this old Semitic tradition. The Ugaritic language and literature used to be a precursor to Canaanite and serves as considered one of our most crucial assets for realizing the previous testomony and the Hebrew language. detailed emphasis is put on contextualization of the Ugartic language and comparability to historic Hebrew in addition to Akkadian.

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Ancient Ugarit 27 reconstructions of Ugaritic religious beliefs, indeed, since Baal was worshipped throughout Syria-Palestine and the Baal cycle necessarily is a primary source for understanding the religious beliefs of the entire ancient Near East. 4) Excavators discovered this tale of King Kirtu, preserved on three clay tablets, in the high priest's library during the second and third seasons of excavation at Ras Shamra (1930–31). The narrative explores some of the ideological and political dimensions of kingship in the ancient world by detailing the plight of a certain King Kirtu.

The pantheon is essentially the same as the Canaanite pantheon and, as a result, the Ugaritic literature has been a main source for understanding the Canaanite religion in the Bronze and Iron Ages. To be sure, the Ugaritic religion was also influenced by its close association with the Hurrian and Hittite religions. Nevertheless, careful scholars can employ the literature from Ugarit to understand the religious context of the Old Testament. 24). The list begins with the three principle deities of Ugarit: El, Dagan, and Baal.

During the period of Hyksos’ rule in Egypt (ca. 1674–1567 BCE), Hurrians gained control of Ugarit and the city maintained close ties with the Hurrian kingdom of Mitanni in north Syria. The Hurrian rulers severed ties with Egypt while seeking to enhance the relationship between Ugarit and Mesopotamia. The city of Ugarit suffered a period of decline. Beginning with the eighteenth dynasty during the Late Kingdom, the Egyptian Empire reasserted itself in north Syria. Egyptian military campaigns reached as far north as the Euphrates and Ugarit’s relationship with Egypt was reestablished.

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