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By Will Kaufman

The Nineteen Seventies used to be a culturally vivid interval. Will Kaufman addresses the dominant cultural varieties of the 1970s—fiction and poetry; tv and drama; movie and visible tradition; renowned tune and magnificence; public area and spectacle—and the decade's so much influential figures and texts, from the writer Toni Morrison to the tv sequence, All within the relatives, from Diane Arbus to Bruce Springsteen, from M.A.S.H. to Taxi driving force, and from disco divas to protestors of the Vietnam conflict. Proving there is extra to the last decade than polyester and narcissism, American tradition within the Nineteen Seventies significantly reengages with one in every of America's such a lot misunderstood eras. (9/1/09)

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Xv) As will be discussed below, Lasch was quite observant in his speculation on grassroots activism, even if he gave less credit to these ‘modest experiments’ than they rightfully deserved. The narcissism that Bell, Wolfe and Lasch variously identify may be seen in a number of instances in which individuals in the 1970s appeared oblivious to the dangers of following certain quests for ‘selfimprovement’ or ‘self-awareness’. Cults like L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology, which had begun to attract significant numbers in the 1970s, continue to invite critical derision even in the present decade; but more threatening was the Korean missionary Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church – ‘the Moonies’ – whose recruitment of college-age adherents often relied on deceptive, highly orchestrated 10 American Culture in the 1970s brainwashing campaigns.

We both have a sense that this is really important. When I have free time I sit and crochet or read, and it feels as if I am doing nothing. (19) I went with other women on a trip south almost two years ago. This was the first time I had gone on a trip without my husband. Several things went wrong with the car on the trip. When I came back to Boston I decided that I really wanted to learn how to take care and be in control of a car myself. I learned about auto mechanics. It required a lot of work and discipline.

No one needs to be reminded that oil, the region’s greatest resource, has been totally absorbed into the United States economy. By that I mean not only that the great oil companies are controlled by the American economic system; I mean also that Arab oil revenues, to say nothing of marketing, research, and industry management, are based in the United States. (324) The cultural ramifications of this ‘one-sided’ market relationship are enormous; it is not simply that ‘the Western market economy and its consumer orientation’ has underwritten ‘a class of educated people whose intellectual formation is directed to satisfying market needs’.

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