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By Edward A. Bender

Using a pragmatic, "learn through doing" technique, this 1st-rate textual content fosters the improvement of the talents past natural arithmetic had to arrange and manage mathematical types. From a range of fields — together with technological know-how, engineering, and operations study — come over a hundred reality-based examples. 1978 variation. comprises 27 black-and-white figures.

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When the position is complex (open) there are many attacks, and the horizon lies nearby. In the endgame, where there are fewer attacks, the game takes on a more nearly "forced" character and the horizon recedes. The maximal horizon is defined by the capabilities of the apparatus at work within the player, whether the player be man or machine. A simile may help to clarify this notion of the horizon and its determinants. Let us suppose that a parachute-jumper has come down in a bog and wants to get onto solid ground.

How a Man is Taught Skeptics, to be sure, may say that man too learns the rules for moving pieces in one move only and they may ask how a man can have a map with a horizon greater than two half-moves. How does his process differ from that of a computer? The differences are essential. Man uses subconscious algorithms which let him rework the rule for making single moves into a rule for moving pieces from one square to any arbitrarily selected square. Here one distinguishes the qualified chess player from the beginner.

B. 8. B W. B. 9. W W. B. 10. B W. B. II. B W. B. 12. B W. B. KgI, Qdl, Ral, eS, Bb3, el, Ktbl, Pa2, b2, e3, d2, f2, g2, h2 (14). Kg8, Qd8, Ra8, f8, Be8, e7, KtdS, Pa6, bS, e6, fl, g7, h7 (13). KgI, Qdl, Ral, fl, Bb3, el, Kte2, g3, Pa2, b2, e2, d4, [4, g2, h2 (15). Ke8, Qd7, Ra8, h8, B[8, g6, Ktb6, [6, Pa7, b7, e6, e6, fl, g7, h7 (15). Kel, Qdl, Ral, hI, Be3, fl, Kte3, Pa2, b2, e4, e4, f2, g2, h2 (14). Ke8, Qd8, Ra8, h8, Be8, g7, Ktd4, Pa7, b7, d7, eS, fl, g6, h7 (14). Kel, Qdl, Ral, hI, Bel, fl, Kte3, f3, Pa2, b2, e2, d4, eS, [4, g2, h4 (16).

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