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By Stephen M. Tomecek

The act of speaking isn't just a human trait. From bugs and birds to fish and mammals, such a lot animals use a few kind of conversation to assist them get foodstuff, discover a mate, and defend their territory. "Animal verbal exchange" explores the various alternative ways within which animals speak and examines many of the most up-to-date clinical discoveries related to animal intelligence and conversation. Readers also will find out how scientists are operating to make the dream of speaking at once with animals a truth.

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If a female likes what she sees, she will usually respond with a display of her own, and the two individuals can mate. As you might expect, with so many different creatures living in the natural environment, just finding a potential mate can often be difficult. To get around this problem, some animals have evolved special adaptations that help them get the message out. One of the most interesting happens in fireflies. A firefly (also known as a lightning bug) is a type of beetle with a special organ on the underside of its abdomen.

On the subject of food, if you’ve ever had a picnic outdoors, you’ve probably noticed lines of ants walking back and communication using chemicals 39 These nomadic African army ants, photographed in Ghana, show how soldier ants form two lines to protect a central lane of ants carrying food. forth across the ground, the picnic table, or your blanket. The ants are following a trail of pheromones to some food source. Like bees, ant colonies have scouts that look for food. When they find a tasty tidbit, such as a potato chip or a chocolate brownie, they lay down a trail of pheromone back to the nest.

Even people who have never been sprayed by a skunk know when one has been in the neighborhood. The smell lingers for days. Ring-tailed lemurs have an unusual way of using chemicals to settle disputes. A ring-tailed lemur has a long, bushy tail that looks a lot like a feather duster. It uses its tail in “stink fights” with other lemurs. During disputes over mates, a male lemur will use his scent glands to coat his tail with a smelly chemical. Then he holds his tail up over his head, directing the scent toward the face of a competing male.

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