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The Apple Macintosh Encyclopedia offers simply obtainable, short and comprehensible details at the issues that you're probably to have questions about. we have now conscientiously digested the manuals, books, journal articles, and different details assets for the Macintosh. those, mixed with our personal event in utilizing the Macintosh and different own desktops, were built-in into an alphabetical series of brief entries within the type of an encyclopedia. The target is to supply concise, priceless and easy-to-understand info on a selected subject that's fast available if you want it. a lot of the data within the entries isn't really inside the manuals supplied with the Macintosh and numerous software program items. for instance, observe the dialogue, less than WIDTH, of the "deferred" nature of this command whilst used with a tool identify, the dialogue of the colon (:) in Multiplan for levels, or Saving, issues of. those issues are passed over or inadequately lined within the general manuals. The Macintosh is the 1st actually visible desktop. in accordance with the hugely visible nature of utilizing the Macintosh, we now have supplied over a hundred illustrations. each one exhibits precisely what you will see that at the display while exploring themes mentioned within the textual content. The Macintosh Encyclopedia opens with a visible advisor to icons, and continues to be hugely visible in orientation during the text.

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Then it cannot be listed, saved, edited (or unprotected). While a clever programmer could probably get around this, it will at least prevent a quick and casual or accidental modification to your program. The SAVE instruction does not alter your program in memory. It is important to be aware that if you write a Microsoft BASIC program, it will be lost (erased) unless you SAVE it before you: turn off the Macintosh, go to the Desktop (System command) or use the NEW command. BASIC, Special Characters in Microsoft BASIC The following characters have special meanings in Macintosh Microsoft BASIC, and cannot be used to have meanings other than what is stated below: 26 • BASIC, Statements Cross-referenced by Function for Microsoft BASIC blank space plus sign or concatenation symbol / slash or division symbol caret or exponential symbol % percent sign or integer type declaration character $ dollar sign or string type declaration character & ampersand , single quotation mark (apostrophe) or remark delimiter ; semicolon ?

It has pockets for the keyboard, the mouse, disks and the power cord. ATS Cases, Inc. In UK: P+ P micro distributors. Carrying Cases See Basket Case, Carrying Case, Mac Bag, MacFreighter, MacPak, Mac Sac, MacSak, MacTote, Scottie MacCase, Totem Pak. CDBL A Microsoft BASIC function which converts any numeric expression to a double-precision number. The format is: = CDBL«x» See Numeric Precisions in Microsoft BASIC Conversions. 46 • Cell Cell A repeated unit in a RAM chip storing one unit of information and returning it in response to a particular address signal.

A line printed left to right is followed by a line printed right to left, avoiding a carriage return delay and greatly increasing output. Binary Number A representation of an integer as a sum of powers of 2, using a sequence of Os and 1s. Bit A contraction of binary digit. A bit is a 0 or a 1. Bits are used in computer systems to code information, instructions and data. Larger units of bits are: nibbles (4), bytes (8) or words (16, 24, 32, 96 or more). Bit Image A collection of bits stored in the computer's memory, arranged into a matrix that is rectangular in concept.

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