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A typical organization for the introduction of a paper is to use the first paragraphs to describe the context. It is these paragraphs that convince the reader that the paper is likely to be interesting. The opening sentences should clearly indicate the topic. X Underutilization of main memory impairs the performance of operating systems . / Operating systems are traditionally designed to use the least possible amount of main memory, but such design impairs their performance. The second version is better for several reasons.

It is often hard to detect in your own text be­ cause you know what is intended. 1 1 A safe-sex guide issued by the Australian Government included "a table on which sexual practices are safe"; it transpired that this was not a piece of furniture. Government guidelines on planning for emergencies had a list of "events that emergency recovery agencies have assisted'', including "destruction of homes . . toxic chemical spillage . . holding of hostages". Newspaper headlines can be a rich source of ambiguity: Enraged Cow Injures Farmer with Axe Miners Refuse to Work After Death Style specifics 35 X The compiler did not accept the program because it contained errors.

How are they like programming? Even if the similarity is obvious to a programmer, is it obvious to a novice? This analogy (made in an introduction to computer science) seems to me to fail because it captures neither logic nor repetition. For an analogy to be worthwhile, it should significantly reduce the work of understanding the concept being described. Another drawback to analogies is that they can take your reasoning astray­ two situations with marked similarities may nonetheless have fundamental dif­ ferences that the analogy leads you to ignore.

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